A unique creative
space for rent


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A venue created
to #Simply get together.

To pull off a corporate event, to organize a slow party, or to put your heads together and come up with something truly extraordinary. In Scandinavian-style buildings, accompanied with exquisite dining options and surrounded by soothing nature.


Nature in its
purest form


22 cozy
sleeping spots


Event capacity
of 1 to 90 guests


5 acres surrounded
by woods

Your place to…

Take a break


Say ‘yes’


Get together


Dive into
the space
of possibilities

The barn consists of the 200-meter main area, 160 meters of ‘backstage’ catering area and 5 bedrooms upstairs.

Modern sizable glazings and anthracite roofs intertwine with classical elements like aged demolition brick chimneys and wooden facades.

Wake up to watch
the forest and the sky

Borucza Barn 43 is also a complex of present-day houses
blended into the landscape. In fact, being inside still feels
like touching nature.

Stop looking
for fireworks
while the sky
is full of stars.

A bewitching fog, the starlit sky, scent of the woods. Here, it’s all included.

Set off
for a culinary adventure!

What’s a venue without great cuisine?

Live cooking by top chefs. Custom menu developed under the eye of top-notch catering experts.

How nature
can help you

Open up.
Get excited.

Memorable things happen here. Some are lifelong. Open yourself up and experience more.

Moments you'll remember

creative thinking.

Nature selflessly loves supporting creativity. Pop in, think up & enjoy

Find your flow

& Reset.

Being at forest margin, next to enchanting meadows equals being closer to the world and to yourself.

Take a breath
Hi, We're Agnieszka and Matt

We organize nice events for good people ;) Let's start by getting to know you and your vision better.